10 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises

10 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises

According to various health researchers, a good number of individuals in today’s era suffer from some acute or chronic leg or knee issues like pain or any injury. This pain might be due to end number of reasons such as injury, accidents, genetic factors, the imbalance caused in muscles, overstress caused on the organ or body part, less mobility, overuse, underuse, and many such reasons. The cases are too different in each case so the treatment may also vary. But there is one common thing that is the knee strengthening exercises can cure knee pain to a great extent also in some cases these exercises can be a boon for the individuals.

For a healthy lifestyle and living one definitely needs to overcome these issues like knee pain, cramps, aches, etc. Some of the various life hacks that can help one to overcome such issues and attain a healthy lifestyle are a well-balanced diet, exercises, meditation, yoga, walking, or involvement in outdoor games or activities.

Now before moving to the main topic of ours which is 10 knee strengthening exercises, we would first see what are knee strengthening exercises? How to strengthen the knees? What if you have knee pain? Results of exercises to strengthen your knees?

How to Strengthen the Knees with Exercise?

Knee strengthening exercises are one of the most crucial factors that answer our question “How to strengthen the knees”. Check out the 10 knee strengthening exercises that will not only help you to combat all such pains but will also help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

You must have heard this that developing solid muscles around the knees is one of the solutions to develop stronger knees. This could be achieved by incorporating stretches, targeted exercises into our daily routine.

If you honestly follow up with these exercises then definitely those knees that have been bothering you for years will feel the difference. Apart from this, you will also enter into a healthy lifestyle.

10 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises:

Sit and then Stand

sit and stand

This exercise is very simple and we know about it. It’s just that we never paid attention that it is so important for our knees. All you need to do is just sit down using a higher chair then rise back to your original standing position.

If you are a beginner, you need not add weight to your hands and also you need to slowly do this. This exercise will help your knees gain more flexibility and will also provide it strength.



Each one of us is aware of squats. It is a kind of strengthening exercise for your glutes, quadriceps, etc. All you need to do is just stand in front of any wall or chair, keep your feet shoulder apart, keep your back straight, sit back down.

Now hold for a second and stand back to your initial position again. Squats help you to grow stronger day by day.



Lunges are too very great for strengthening. This exercise will not only strengthen your thighs but will also help to improve balance.

To do lunges stand with feet wide apart, then take a step forward (big one), lower your hips down, bend both the knees down. Push the heel forward and return to the start position. Repeat this with the other leg.


steps ups

These are of great choice among the sportspersons as well. It helps to strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, and glutches too.

All you need for this is a platform or stairs. To do this hold a wall and step on this platform put weight on your foot, and finally step up.

Calf Raises

calf raises

These promote balance and also add stability to your lifestyle. To do this stand and then put your hands on the wall, stand up with your feet hip wide apart.

Gradually transfer your weight on your toes and live up your heels. Pause for a while and then lower down your body. As you become more familiar with this exercise add weight and then try.

Hip Bridge

hip bridge

This exercise is basically done to achieve good alignment, posture, stability, strength. To do this lie on your back. Bent your knees.

Tighten your muscles and by taking support of your toes lift your hips high as much as you can. Hold for some seconds and then get back to the initial position.

Hamstring Curls

hamstring curls

Hamstring Curls are for building strength, improving the mobility of knees and joints.

Chair dips

chair dips

For this, you need to place your hands back on the chair. The chair is used for balancing. Extend the right leg out in front of the body and then bring the leg down slightly.

Hold a few minutes above the floor and stand up straight. Repeat this with both legs. If you aren’t a beginner you can go on adding weight.

Wall Squats

wall squats

This is one of the easiest exercises that one can do. But yes doing it properly is an art. All you need to do is that just stand with your body against the wall.

Then step both the feet out and slightly bend, hold for a second and then get back to the initial position.

Leg Lifts

leg lifts

This is often advised to do in case of any leg pain. It is a simple exercise that can be performed by anyone. For this, all you need is to lie on the floor with a straight back, bend a leg and lift another one. Do this with both legs.

So all these below-mentioned exercises if practiced on a daily or regular basis can improve your lifestyle. These will not only help one combat pain, provide flexibility, enhances the immune system but will also help us attain a healthy lifestyle.

What to do If You Have a Knee Pain?

If you have knee pain then you must follow the below-mentioned kinds of stuff to get relief. These are:

  • Rest properly-If you have severe or any sort of knee pain you should not stress up yourself by running or carrying out any physical activity. These might even ruin the condition more. So, one should definitely rest and give the muscles some time to heal and relax.
  • Ice can be applied, in some cases, applying heat or ice can help in preventing the situation.
  • Compression
  • Elevation
  • Exercises

Results of Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

If an individual does exercises regularly then these will not only strengthen your knees and relieve pain but will also help in establishing a healthy lifestyle. Exercises, yoga, meditation always helps an individual to combat diseases.

Also, it enhances our immunity and strengthens bones and muscles. Even a half an hour walk can add years to your living. So, adopt these exercises to stay fit and achieve a healthy lifestyle.


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