6 Brilliant Tips for Mental Health Cleanse

mental health cleanse

Our mind is the key factor that helps us to think. It should be healthy. Mental health cleanse is an exercise to detox your mind from frustrated thoughts, anxieties, stress,  distractions, inferior or insecure feelings, sorrow, feel jealousy of others, angry, regret about your future and fear about your past.

Many times we face a lot of things in life. Everything that happened in the past stays memorized by our brain. It is up to us to only remember and cherish the good things in life but also to let go of the tension-building thoughts. We can’t control a lot of things so simply sitting and taking stress over those uncontrollable things is an attack on our mental health.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. If we live in clean surroundings automatically we feel fresh and new ideas start generating our minds. Many times when we get sick our doctor recommends us to take a vacation. The central idea of the doctor recommending us a vacation is that while we go on for an outing, we enjoy nature and take out the unnecessary tension that is building up and made their home into our minds, mental health cleanse makes you happy and joyful.

6 Bizarre Tips for Mental Health Cleanse

We need to service everything new that we buy, be it a luxurious car or a refrigerator or chimney, air conditioner, etc., everything requires timely cleaning. The same is with the human body, it requires cleaning too. Our mind, our body everything requires a cleansing.

Do Yoga Daily

Yoga is one of the best ways to deal with your emotional problems. Yoga & Meditation is the best way to improve your mental health and also promotes Mental Health Cleanse.

It and various exercises release the “feel-good” chemicals in the mind. These chemicals are called mood-boosting chemicals which includes dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, they are very helpful to reduce depression.

Yoga can relieve you from anxiety, improve sleep. At yoga classes, you will meet many people which will help you to enhance your social life.


Gardening is therapy. Learning to garden is fruitful not only for the produce we get but along with that it calms our brain, creates curiosity and desire to try new things. Gardening is the easiest magic that we perform live.

We put a seed into the sand and it turns into a plant. Soon it also gives colourful flowers, fruits, oxygen, and shade. The whole process keeps the brain indulged in something good. Seeing how a tiny seed can be converted into something so beautiful and delicious, will inspire us to try new things in life too.

Reduce Screen Time

Indulge yourself in physical activities like playing outdoors, playing with kids, reducing screen time. Say no to Netflix and chill life by setting a limit on it like one series a month. It will reduce the hidden tension which stays in our unconscious brain unknown to us due to a lot of time on screen.

One good way to reduce screen time is to set screen time lock on the apps. This feature automatically closes the app when the time limit for the day is complete. This is a very useful feature because these days many of us don’t realize the time which we waste while scrolling over Instagram and YouTube reels or explore section.

This will be an eye-opener as well as good for our brain.

Learn More About the Mental Health, Illness & Cure


It plays an important role in calming our brains. It helps to quiet the nerves, induce creativity in us and stop the repetitive thoughts that disturb us. There are many styles of sketching like Mandala or Zentangle art. These arts are widely used by renowned hospitals to bring a person out of depression.

Eat Local, Think Global

We are what we eat. And these days due to busy schedules many run to pick quick meals. These include mostly junk like burgers, pizza, ready to eat noodles etc. Many of us don’t know the taste of our seasonal fruits like phalsa, water chestnuts, Indian blackberry Jamunn, seasonal berries, wood apple, ice apple, jackfruit etc.

These local fruits contain a good amount of micronutrients which not only calms our hunger but also prevents us from getting weight gain and storing that hard to digest maida ( all-purpose flour ). Diet & Nutrition plays an important in mental health cleanse.

It helps in improving digestion of the food in a better way avoiding constipation and making us have a tight good night sleep. A person when gets undisturbed sleep automatically feels fresh, energetic and stays in good mood the whole day.

Keep the Surroundings Clean

Another way to do a mental clean-up is to keep the surroundings clean. Start keeping your things organised if you want an organized life. Begin your day by waking up, making the bed, dusting, laundry and watering plants. Don’t force these things to a later time.

It will bring a great change in boasting up our mood and making us feel fresh and innovative to new ideas. Begin every day with a brand new day affirmation.

If we don’t clean our body, we tend to become fat and attract so many diseases like thyroid, diabetes, etc. similarly if we don’t cleanse our mind we get diseases like mentally sick depression, migraines, etc. Often when we ignore that depression and headaches it leads to making a person lunatic.

These are some of the best mental health cleanse ideas that can help us to stay active and positive in life. Many times uncertainties happen in life but if we follow self-care we can deal with stress easily.

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  1. Nice article. Pretty well written and some really helpful tips. I’m a person struggles with depression and anxiety so will definetley try these out.

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