5 Best Mouth Watering Monsoon Special Recipes

Monsoon Special Recipes

With the arrival of monsoon comes petrichor, the soothing fragrance of sand invites for some delicious cravings. Here are 5 yummy monsoon special recipes that are healthy and everyone must eat during the season. If you are a foodie like you will definitely like all dishes.

Mouth-Watering Monsoon Special Recipes

Let’s have a look at the 5 delicious food items that can be enjoyed greatly during this monsoon.

Pakora and adrak wali chai

I can proudly declare this deadly combination as the universal monsoon dish. It is so delicious and mouth-watering that the taste of it calms our hunger pangs.

Take big spinach leaves and fry them after coating them in gram flour batter, fry it on high flame. The crispy pakora is the best combination with adrak tea. We can also use onion, cauliflower, chilies, and many other vegetables of choice.


Corn is the seasonal snack that is my favorite. We can eat raw corn roasted on flames or charcoal. Rub a lemon slice with salt and black pepper powder on it. We can also try corn soup during the season or prepare a sweet corn chaat with vegetables of choice.

It is healthy but hard to digest so we must eat it as a snack instead of eating it at night.

Healthy soup bowls

Always try different types of soups like tomato, vegetable broth, pumpkin soup, mix vegetable soup.

These soups are very good for your health. During monsoon, they taste delicious and comfort the infectious throat. It also protects from viral and flu.

Coconut water and raw coconut

During monsoon coconut is seasonal. Eating a slice of raw coconut when hungry is the best thing we can do for our skin. It also controls hair fall and brings a glow on face skin. Coconut water fulfills the deficiency of certain minerals.

We must take it empty stomach every morning, drink it freshly chopped off. Also either collect it out in a glass and enjoy it or use a reusable straw to drink the water. Eating corn or coconut will calm hunger in a healthy way. It is a complete meal snack.


Roast some wheat, jowar, and mixed lentils in ghee. Add vegetables finely chopped. And cook it with salt, turmeric powder, and chili powder. Garnish it with coriander and lemon juice. It is healthy, easy to cook, and good for digestion.

The rainy season does not only offer joy and happiness but also comes with diseases. So it is necessary to stay healthy and have only homemade delicious food. Try all these monsoon special recipes and let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite.

These 5 meals are a must-have for everyone during the monsoon. They are complete meals and fulfill the cravings.

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